Coronavirus: free driver download from our archive server.

When you need it most, we’re here

We recently see a tremendous trend on how we work in crisis, more and more are working from home. Schools are closed, students need a computer to do online learning. There are a few number of students don’t have computers at home. We know for sure that some old computers can be donated to these people. These computers are old and might have difficulty in getting the appropriate drivers.

DriverIdentifier now offers free access to all driver archives server, meaning you can download old drivers which might not be able to download from the current manufacturer website.

We hope this little help can make some life better.

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Sorry , we could not find a driver matching with your operating system. Please contact us for further support.

Why do i receive the error below?

“Sorry , we could not find a driver matching with your operating system. Please contact us for further support”

It’s because there is no driver matching with your operating system. Now, there are some device only working in some specific operating system only. The manufacturers don’t make the driver for every operating system. For example, With the popular of windows 64 bit, they only have driver for 64 bits version only. If you install a 32 bit in this situation, you will not be able to use that device because there is no driver. In some other cases, for old equipments, the manufacturer only make the driver for 32bit version, they don’t continue to support 64bit version.

So if you are really need to use that device, the only thing you can do is to install the correct operating system.

Again, DriverIdentifier don’t write driver, we just collect drivers around the world and brought them to you.

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Do we write drivers?

No, we don’t. We just collect drivers from the hardware company and manufacturers.

Hardware company will provide the drivers to the manufacturers. After sometimes when the normal support for that hardware has ended, the hardware company will stop providing driver update for that hardware. Some manufacturers still maintain the driver update for their hardware. For example, I had an old Pentium D computer with an Intel brand motherboard that I installed 7 on (several years ago). Intel did not make a driver available for the MEI for that chipset for Windows 7 officially. However, I did find another manufacturer did (I think it was Gateway computers). I was able to use that driver.

In this case, if you’re finding XP drivers for your stuff that your manufacturer doesn’t have available for download, the drivers are probably from another manufacturer.

As one hardware can be distributed by manufacturers, they might be compatible with each other. DriverIdentifier analyze the drivers it collect from the manufacturer websites, then it will compare your driver with its database. If DriverIdentifier see a compatible, it will show you the link to download.

That makes DriverIdentifier a big difference with other Driver Update software. We do not alter the drivers, we show you the option to download the right drivers from the manufacturer.

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Windows 10 detection fix

There were some bugs in our code which caused some issue with Windows 10. We have fixed it.

Please try and send us your feedback. We appreciate it.

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Another database update

Every month, we will release a new database update. This update is our monthly working result, giving you the opportunity to get the latest driver in just few minutes.

When was the last time you update your driver? Never ? Download DriverIdentifier and update now.

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DriverIdentifier 5.0

We are glad to inform that DriverIdentifier 5.0 is officially released today. This new release introduces new interface, refresh its design. Hope you like it.


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Some nice words from our client

Hi driveridentifier-Team,

I just want to thank you. I have a HP x2 Transformer. I upgraded on Windows 10 and found my Device Manager yelling around with yellow exclamation marks. I contacted HP support for the missing drivers and got the answer “please roll back to Winwos 8, we don’t support Windows 10 on that device” (the notebook is 16 months old). So I tried around and found an article about your page. I used it to find out some missing drivers. But then 3 different drivers you found did not work. I was sad but tried further and further. Then I found out the right one and with one driver all 5 different missing devices were found (not unimportant – the missing devices were the Intel Thermal Frameworks!). So in the end, I can bother HP with the info, that your page safed my notebook meanwhile theirs technicians were not able to google the correct drivers 🙂

Thank you very much!

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DriverIdentifier is selected as top 10 free driver update software

DriverIdentifier is an extremely simple, yet very useful free driver updater program.

You can scan for drivers if you don’t have an Internet connection, which is super nice if your network card driver isn’t working

Check this out:

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A large number of drivers have been added

More than 2000 drivers have been added this month. This doesn’t include the updated one. So now DriverIdentifier gives you more choices.

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Driveridentifier updates

We recently received some comments saying that why our program is not updated for almost a year. We are actually updating our database everyday, some of you might notice that there are some drivers you can’t not find today, but after several days you will see it in our database. Our team is working very hard to add drivers to our database. We are now a few sites having the very large driver database.

We hope you find it helpful.
The DriverIdentifier Team.

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