Program scans your computer for outdated drivers. If something is not OK, it corrects.

The DriverIdentifier is a software that analyzes the drivers installed on your computer and indicates whether there are new versions available for download. Working seamlessly with the preferred browser installed on the machine, the program still provides the link to download the latest versions of device drivers installed.

Keep updated drivers for your computer is important not only for performance but also to keep the machine safe. After all, an updated device not only has better performance and has fewer security flaws that could be exploited by malicious code to undermine the operation of the computer.

Using DriverIdentifier to keep your computer updated is easy: just run the program and click on “Scan Drivers” (Analyse Drivers). After a few minutes of waiting, automatically opens a new browser window with the list of devices present on the machine, indicating whether or not they are updated.

Update the drivers for your machine

In most cases where computer devices are outdated, the DriveIrdentifier automatically provides the link to download the latest version of the driver. However, if you can not identify them, there is the option “Google” – when clicked on, opens a new browser tab to a survey done by the device name on the site.

If the update is not required, the program simply displays the message “Good” (Good), without any link to download. Who likes to know all the details of the computer will be satisfied with the level of information available, including the full name of each device, the original manufacturer and the date it was released the driver installed.

Before installing the new drivers on your machine, make sure to create a system restore point. Thus, if there are performance issues, you can return your computer to a previous state without working to find the old version of the driver that caused the problem. Click here to find out how to perform the procedure in Windows 7 (with links to guides for Microsoft’s XP and Vista).



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