Do we write drivers?

No, we don’t. We just collect drivers from the hardware company and manufacturers.

Hardware company will provide the drivers to the manufacturers. After sometimes when the normal support for that hardware has ended, the hardware company will stop providing driver update for that hardware. Some manufacturers still maintain the driver update for their hardware. For example, I had an old Pentium D computer with an Intel brand motherboard that I installed 7 on (several years ago). Intel did not make a driver available for the MEI for that chipset for Windows 7 officially. However, I did find another manufacturer did (I think it was Gateway computers). I was able to use that driver.

In this case, if you’re finding XP drivers for your stuff that your manufacturer doesn’t have available for download, the drivers are probably from another manufacturer.

As one hardware can be distributed by manufacturers, they might be compatible with each other. DriverIdentifier analyze the drivers it collect from the manufacturer websites, then it will compare your driver with its database. If DriverIdentifier see a compatible, it will show you the link to download.

That makes DriverIdentifier a big difference with other Driver Update software. We do not alter the drivers, we show you the option to download the right drivers from the manufacturer.

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