A large number of drivers have been added

More than 2000 drivers have been added this month. This doesn’t include the updated one. So now DriverIdentifier gives you more choices.

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Driveridentifier updates

We recently received some comments saying that why our program is not updated for almost a year. We are actually updating our database everyday, some of you might notice that there are some drivers you can’t not find today, but after several days you will see it in our database. Our team is working very hard to add drivers to our database. We are now a few sites having the very large driver database.

We hope you find it helpful.
The DriverIdentifier Team.

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New features – Search driver using hardware id

We have received a number of requests asking whether you can search the driver by using hardware id. We have passed this to our development team, now they have released a new feature allowing you searching the specific drivers by using hardware id.

Due to the size of driver database, we now open this feature to premium users only.

To use it, you need to login to your account page and click on “Searching Drivers”

Driver Identifier - searching drivers by using hardware id

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Windows 8 scan bugs identified

We just found a bug with windows 8 scan result. It’s now fixed. You can now use our software in windows 8 to find your drivers.

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Driver Identifier 4.2.7 is released

Driver Identifier is delighted to announce its latest set of releases 4.2.7, providing major updates to Driver Identifier scan engine such as offline scanning.

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DriverIdentifier 4.2.5 is released

This version  will fix the problem with 64bits system. it will show the correct drivers for 64bits OS version.


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Can i use DriverIdentifier for computer without internet connection?

Yes, you can. Please follow the steps below:

1. Download driveridentifier setup file to a USB drive
2. Bring the USB to the computer without internet and run the setup
3. Run Driverscan
4. It will open Internet explorer, When it could not connect to the network, it will ask you to click on menu “File ” => Save as , save it to a USB drive
5. bring the USB back to the computer with internet , double click on the file you just save.
6. It will bring you to the driver scan result page which you can download driver.

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V 4.2.3 released

We are happy to release v 4.2.3 , this version fix the error runtime-error 5

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New version 4.2.2 released

We just released a new version 4.2.2 , this release will fix the error runtime-error 6. Check this out. http://www.driveridentifier.com/files/driveridentifier_setup.exe

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New version 4.2

We are pleased to announce that the new version 4.2 is ready for public use.

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