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Driver Information for Nokia 5130c-2 / Hewlett-Packard HP Mini 210-1000

Device Name
Nokia 5130c-2
Hardware ID
USB\VID_0421&PID_0208 <---- Device ID matches with our database

Compatible IDs:

This download provides Nokia 5130c-2 driver and is supported on Hewlett-Packard HP Mini 210-1000 that is designed to run on Windows Operating System Only.
Device Type wireless communication devices
Driver Version
OS Support XP,VISTA,WIN7/64bits
Driver Date 2009-03-20
Manufacturer Nokia

You are viewing the drivers of an anonymous computer which may be not the same with your current computer. These driver(s) may not work with your computer. Please click on the link below to download, scan and get the correct drivers.

from Others
Hardware Support
Device name ID
Nokia E61i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0001
Nokia N81 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0007
Nokia 8800 Arte USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_000B
Nokia 8800 Arte USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0182
Nokia N77 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_000E
Nokia 6263 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0012
Nokia 6267 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0015
Nokia 6288 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0018
Nokia 6288 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0031
Nokia 6555 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_001B
Nokia 6555 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0047
Nokia 6131 NFC USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_001D
Nokia 3555 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_001F
Nokia 3555 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_004E
Nokia 3555 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0051
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0025
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00cb
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00CE
Nokia 6500 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0026
Nokia 6500 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00c5
Nokia 6120 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_002F
Nokia N96 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_003A
Nokia 6500 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_003D
Nokia 6500 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00DF
Nokia 7900 Prism USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0040
Nokia E51 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0042
Nokia 6555c USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_004B
Nokia 6600 fold USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0054
FOMA NM705i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0057
Nokia 3110 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_005e
Nokia 3500 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0061
Nokia 3109 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0064
Nokia 7500 Prism USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0068
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_006b
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00A7
Nokia N95 8GB USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0070
Nokia N82 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0071
Nokia N78 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_007b
Nokia 6121 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0088
Nokia 6301 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_008B
Nokia 6220 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_008F
Nokia 6220 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0124
Nokia N85 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0094
Nokia 6210 Navigator USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0099
Nokia 6210 Navigator USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0128
Nokia 6260 Slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_009C
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00A0
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00c8
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00D4
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00d8
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_018A
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0194
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_019E
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01A2
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01B6
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01C8
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01D0
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01DC
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01EC
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01fb
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_020F
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0212
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0219
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0223
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0226
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_022A
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0235
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_023D
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0241
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0244
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0249
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0250
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0252
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0258
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_025A
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0261
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0264
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_026C
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0275
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0279
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_027D
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0282
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0285
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0296
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02A1
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02AA
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02BA
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02BD
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02C0
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02C3
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02C6
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02C9
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02CD
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02D9
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02DF
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02E3
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02E7
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0499
Nokia USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0500
Nokia E71 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00AB
Nokia 3120 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00AE
Nokia E66 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00b0
Nokia 3110 Evolve USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00BD
Nokia 3600 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00BF
Nokia 6300i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00c3
Nokia 6650 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00E2
Nokia 6650 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0401
Nokia 6600 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00E8
Nokia 6600 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01BC
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00E9
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0108
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_010C
Nokia 7310 Supernova USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00ED
Nokia 7310 Supernova USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0143
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00F0
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0140
Nokia 7610 Supernova USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00F3
Nokia 7610 Supernova USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_013F
Nokia 3600s USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00F6
Nokia 6124 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_00FC
Nokia E75 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_010E
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_011C
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_014B
Nokia 6720 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_011D
Nokia 6720 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0288
Nokia 6210 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_012C
Nokia 6210 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0134
Nokia 6122c USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0130
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0138
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0154
Nokia 7510 Supernova USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0139
Nokia 7510 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_013C
Nokia 5800 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0158
Nokia 3610 fold USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0165
FOMA NM706i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0168
Vertu Signature USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_016D
Vertu Ascent Ti USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0170
Vertu Ascent Ti USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04E9
Nokia 5208 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0173
Nokia E63 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0178
Nokia 7210 Supernova USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_017A
Nokia 7210 Supernova USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_017D
Nokia N79 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0187
Nokia 6700 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_019A
Nokia 5730 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01A9
Nokia 6303 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01B0
Nokia 6303 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01B3
Nokia 6710 Navigator USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01CC
Nokia 6710 Navigator USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_028C
Nokia 6710 Navigator USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_029A
Nokia E55 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01D4
Nokia 7212 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01D6
Nokia 3602 slide USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01D9
Nokia 5330 XPressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01E3
Nokia N97 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01F5
Nokia 7618s USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01F8
Nokia 6212 Classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_01FE
Nokia 5130 XPressMusic USB Phone Parent USB\VID_0421&PID_0208
Nokia 5130 XPressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_020B
Nokia N86 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0216
Nokia 2700 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_028F
Nokia 2700 classic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0292
Nokia 6650 fold USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0294
Nokia 5802 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_02E9
Nokia 7600 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0400
Nokia 6255 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0402
Nokia 9500 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0405
Nokia 6620 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_040D
Nokia 6651 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_040E
Nokia 6230 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_040F
Nokia 6630 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0410
Nokia 7610 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0411
Nokia 6260 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0413
Nokia 7370 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0414
Nokia 9300 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0415
Nokia 6170 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0416
Nokia 7270 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0417
Nokia E70 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0418
Nokia E70 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0472
Nokia E60 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0419
Nokia 7710 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_041C
Nokia 6670 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_041D
Nokia 6680 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_041E
Nokia 6235 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_041F
Nokia N93 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0420
Nokia 3230 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0421
Nokia 6681 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0422
Nokia 6682 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0423
Nokia N71 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0425
Nokia 6230i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0428
Nokia 3250 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_042D
Nokia N91 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_042F
Nokia N90 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0432
Nokia 6265 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0437
Vertu Constellation USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0439
Nokia N70 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_043A
Nokia N70 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0443
Nokia 3155 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_043B
Nokia 6155 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_043C
Nokia 6270 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_043D
Nokia 5500 Sport USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_043F
Nokia 5500 Sport USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04D8
Nokia 6136 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0441
Nokia N80 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0445
FOMA NM850iG USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_044C
Nokia E61 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_044D
Nokia 9300i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0453
Nokia 6111 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0456
Nokia 6111 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0458
Nokia 6280 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_045A
Nokia 6282 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_045D
Nokia 6165 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0464
Nokia 6165i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0466
Nokia 6110 Navigator USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_046E
Nokia E62 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0475
Nokia 6131 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_047B
Nokia N76 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0481
Nokia N73 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0486
Nokia 7390 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0489
Nokia 2855 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_048C
Nokia N92 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_048E
Nokia 6233 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0491
Nokia 6234 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0494
Nokia 6290 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04A1
Nokia 6290 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04A5
Nokia 6125 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04A9
Nokia 6086 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04AF
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04B2
Nokia 6085 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04B5
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04B8
Nokia 5200 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04BC
Nokia 6126 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04C0
Nokia 6133 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04C1
Nokia 770 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04C2
Nokia N72 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04C4
Nokia 6245i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04C6
Nokia E50 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04C9
Nokia E90 Communicator USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04CE
Nokia 6151 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04D2
Nokia 6275 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04D5
Nokia 2865 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04DC
Nokia N75 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04DF
Nokia N93i USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04E6
Nokia N95 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04F0
Nokia 8600 Luna USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04F2
Nokia 7373 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04F6
Nokia 6300 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_04F9
Nokia E65 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0508
Nokia CA-42 USB Phone ParentUSB\VID_0421&PID_0802
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