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Driver Information for Canon iR2022/2025/2030 UFRII LT / HCL Infosystems Limited 945GCMX-S2

Device Name
Canon iR2022/2025/2030 UFRII LT
Hardware ID
USBPRINT\CANONIR2022/2025/20345A8 <---- Device ID matches with our database

Compatible IDs:

This download provides Canon iR2022/2025/2030 UFRII LT driver and is supported on HCL Infosystems Limited 945GCMX-S2 that is designed to run on Windows Operating System Only.
Device Type printer
Driver Version
OS Support 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7,WIN8/32bits
Driver Date 2011-07-22
Manufacturer Canon

You are viewing the drivers of an anonymous computer which may be not the same with your current computer. These driver(s) may not work with your computer. Please click on the link below to download, scan and get the correct drivers.

from canon
Hardware Support
Device name ID
canon ir2016 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanoniR20164E0F
canon ir2016 ufrii ltiR2016
canon ir2018 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanoniR2018_(UFRII_LB043
canon ir2018 ufrii ltiR2018
canon ir2020 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanoniR2020BC8F
canon ir2020 ufrii ltiR2020
canon ir1018/1022/1023 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanoniR1018/1022/102D03B
canon ir1018/1022/1023 ufrii ltIR1018/1022/1023
canon ir1020/1024/1025 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanoniR1020/1024/102FAAC
canon ir1020/1024/1025 ufrii ltiR1020/1024/1025
canon ir2022/2025/2030 ufrii lt USBPRINT\CanoniR2022/2025/20345A8
canon ir2022/2025/2030 ufrii ltiR2022/2025/2030
canon ir2230 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR2230EC2F
canon ir2230 ufr iiiR2230
canon ir3225 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3225_(UFR_II)B044
canon ir3225 ufr iiiR3225
canon ir2270/ir2870 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR2270/iR2870C80D
canon ir2270/ir2870 ufr iiiR2270/iR2870
canon ir2830 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR2830EE0F
canon ir2830 ufr iiiR2830
canon ir3025 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3025414E
canon ir3025 ufr iiiR3025
canon ir3030 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3030D08F
canon ir3030 ufr iiiR3030
canon ir3230 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3230_(UFR_II)5DD1
canon ir3230 ufr iiiR3230
canon ir3530 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3530D19F
canon ir3530 ufr iiiR3530
canon ir3035/ir3045 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3035/iR30450CBB
canon ir3035/ir3045 ufr iiiR3035/iR3045
canon ir3235/ir3245 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3235/iR3245_(523B
canon ir3235/ir3245 ufr iiiR3235/iR3245
canon ir3570/ir4570 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR3570/iR45701D28
canon ir3570/ir4570 ufr iiiR3570/iR4570
canon ir4530 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR4530A59E
canon ir4530 ufr iiiR4530
canon ir5050 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR5050_(UFR_II)6C3E
canon ir5050 ufr iiiR5050
canon ir5055/ir5065 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR5055/iR5065_(C329
canon ir5055/ir5065 ufr iiiR5055/iR5065
canon ir5570/ir6570 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR5570/iR65709536
canon ir5570/ir6570 ufr iiiR5570/iR6570
canon ir5075 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR5075_(UFR_II)C425
canon ir5075 ufr iiiR5075
canon ir8070 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR8070348F
canon ir8070 ufr iiiR8070
canon ir85plus ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR85PLUS2608
canon ir85plus ufr iiiR85PLUS
canon ir9070 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR9070C88E
canon ir9070 ufr iiiR9070
canon ir105plus ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR105PLUS5167
canon ir105plus ufr iiiR105PLUS
canon ir7086-7105 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR7086-7105_(UFE618
canon ir7086-7105 ufr iiiR7086-7105
canon irc1021/1022 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C1021/C1022_F1AB
canon irc1021/1022 ufrii ltiRC1021/1022
canon ir 2570c eur ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_2570C_EUR7A24
canon ir 2570c eur ufr iiiR 2570C EUR
canon ir c2380/2550 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C2380/2550_(8520
canon ir c2380/2550 ufr iiiR C2380/2550
canon ir c2570 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C25701D65
canon ir c2570 ufr iiiR C2570
canon ir 3170c eur ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_3170C_EURD989
canon ir 3170c eur ufr iiiR 3170C EUR
canon ir 3180c eur ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_3180C_EUR_(UBD07
canon ir 3180c eur ufr iiiR 3180C EUR
canon ir c3170 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C31702025
canon ir c3170 ufr iiiR C3170
canon ir c3180 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C3180_(UFR_I3791
canon ir c3180 ufr iiiR C3180
canon ir c2880/c3380 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C2880/C3380_9540
canon ir c2880/c3380 ufr iiiR C2880/C3380
canon ir c3080/3480/3580 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C3080/3480/324C2
canon ir c3080/3480/3580 ufr iiiR C3080/3480/3580
canon ir c4080/c4580 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C4080/C4580_296B
canon ir c4080/c4580 ufr iiiR C4080/C4580
canon ir c5180 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C5180_(UFR_I1399
canon ir c5180 ufr iiiR C5180
canon ir c5185 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C5185_(UFR_I0389
canon ir c5185 ufr iiiR C5185
canon ir 5870c eur ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_5870C_EURD3C1
canon ir 5870c eur ufr iiiR 5870C EUR
canon ir c5870 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C5870AAF5
canon ir c5870 ufr iiiR C5870
canon ir 5880c/6880c eur ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_5880C/6880C_A2F6
canon ir 5880c/6880c eur ufr iiiR 5870C/6880C EUR
canon ir 6870c eur ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_6870C_EUR23D7
canon ir 6870c eur ufr iiiR 6870C EUR
canon ir c5880/c6880 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C5880/C6880_FFBF
canon ir c5880/c6880 ufr iiiR C5870/C6880
canon ir c6870 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniR_C6870EEF5
canon ir c6870 ufr iiiR C6870
canon ipr c1 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniPR_C1_(UFR_II)3A93
canon ipr c1 ufr iiiPR C1
canon ipr c1plus ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniPR_C1PLUS_(UFRDBBA
canon ipr c1plus ufr iiiPR C1PLUS
canon ipr c6000vp ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniPR_C6000VP_(UFA702
canon ipr c6000vp ufr iiiPR C6000VP
canon ipr c6000 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniPR_C6000_(UFR_4624
canon ipr c6000 ufr iiiPR C6000
canon ipr c7000vp ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanoniPR_C7000VP_(UFA7C3
canon ipr c7000vp ufr iiiPR C7000VP
canon mf7100 series ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanonMF7100_Series49B7
canon mf7100 series ufrii ltMF7100 Series
canon mf8400 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanonMF8400_Series_(08F7
canon mf8400 ufrii ltMF8400
canon mf9100/9300 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanonMF9100/9300_SerE430
canon mf9100/9300 ufrii ltMF9100/9300
canon lbp3360 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanonLBP3360B7D9
canon lbp3360 ufr iiLBP3360
canon lbp3370 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanonLBP3370_(UFR_II739E
canon lbp3370 ufr iiLBP3370
canon lbp3460 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanonLBP34607668
canon lbp3460 ufr iiLBP3460
canon lbp5360 ufr iiLPTENUM\CanonLBP5360FE58
canon lbp5360 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanonLBP5360FE58
canon lbp5360 ufr iiLBP5360
canon lbp5960 ufr iiLPTENUM\CanonLBP5960FC78
canon lbp5960 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanonLBP5960FC78
canon lbp5960 ufr iiLBP5960
canon lbp7750c/5460 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanonLBP7750C/5460_(85DA
canon lbp7750c/5460 ufr iiLBP7750C/5460
canon lbp5970/5975 ufr iiUSBPRINT\CanonLBP5970/5975_(U825F
canon lbp5970/5975 ufr iiLBP5970/5975
canon l90/l160/l230 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanonL90/L160/L2304F8E
canon l90/l160/l230 ufrii ltL90/L160/L230
canon lc800/l3000 ufrii ltUSBPRINT\CanonLC800/L3000_(UF8FA7
canon lc800/l3000 ufrii ltLC800/L3000
canon ir3225 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR3225_(UFR_II)B044
canon ir3225 ufr iiCanoniR3225_(UFR_II)B044
canon ir3230 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR3230_(UFR_II)5DD1
canon ir3230 ufr iiCanoniR3230_(UFR_II)5DD1
canon ir3235/ir3245 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR3235/iR3245_(523B
canon ir3235/ir3245 ufr iiCanoniR3235/iR3245_(523B
canon ir5050 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR5050_(UFR_II)6C3E
canon ir5050 ufr iiCanoniR5050_(UFR_II)6C3E
canon ir5055/ir5065 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR5055/iR5065_(C329
canon ir5055/ir5065 ufr iiCanoniR5055/iR5065_(C329
canon ir5075 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR5075_(UFR_II)C425
canon ir5075 ufr iiCanoniR5075_(UFR_II)C425
canon ir7086-7105 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR7086-7105_(UFE618
canon ir7086-7105 ufr iiCanoniR7086-7105_(UFE618
canon irc1021/1022 ufrii ltWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C1021/C1022_F1AB
canon irc1021/1022 ufrii ltCanoniR_C1021/C1022_F1AB
canon ir c2380/2550 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C2380/2550_(8520
canon ir c2380/2550 ufr iiCanoniR_C2380/2550_(8520
canon ir 3180c eur ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_3180C_EUR_(UBD07
canon ir 3180c eur ufr iiCanoniR_3180C_EUR_(UBD07
canon ir c3180 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C3180_(UFR_I3791
canon ir c3180 ufr iiCanoniR_C3180_(UFR_I3791
canon ir c2880/c3380 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C2880/C3380_9540
canon ir c2880/c3380 ufr iiCanoniR_C2880/C3380_9540
canon ir c3080/3480/3580 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C3080/3480/324C2
canon ir c3080/3480/3580 ufr iiCanoniR_C3080/3480/324C2
canon ir c4080/c4580 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C4080/C4580_296B
canon ir c4080/c4580 ufr iiCanoniR_C4080/C4580_296B
canon ir c5180 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C5180_(UFR_I1399
canon ir c5180 ufr iiCanoniR_C5180_(UFR_I1399
canon ir c5185 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C5185_(UFR_I0389
canon ir c5185 ufr iiCanoniR_C5185_(UFR_I0389
canon ir 5880c/6880c eur ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_5880C/6880C_A2F6
canon ir 5880c/6880c eur ufr iiCanoniR_5880C/6880C_A2F6
canon ir c5880/c6880 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniR_C5880/C6880_FFBF
canon ir c5880/c6880 ufr iiCanoniR_C5880/C6880_FFBF
canon ipr c1 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniPR_C1_(UFR_II)3A93
canon ipr c1 ufr iiCanoniPR_C1_(UFR_II)3A93
canon ipr c1plus ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniPR_C1PLUS_(UFRDBBA
canon ipr c1plus ufr iiCanoniPR_C1PLUS_(UFRDBBA
canon ipr c6000vp ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniPR_C6000VP_(UFA702
canon ipr c6000vp ufr iiCanoniPR_C6000VP_(UFA702
canon ipr c6000 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniPR_C6000_(UFR_4624
canon ipr c6000 ufr iiCanoniPR_C6000_(UFR_4624
canon ipr c7000vp ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanoniPR_C7000VP_(UFA7C3
canon ipr c7000vp ufr iiCanoniPR_C7000VP_(UFA7C3
canon mf8400 ufrii ltWSDPRINT\CanonMF8400_Series_(08F7
canon mf8400 ufrii ltCanonMF8400_Series_(08F7
canon mf9100/9300 ufrii ltWSDPRINT\CanonMF9100/9300_SerE430
canon mf9100/9300 ufrii ltCanonMF9100/9300_SerE430
canon lbp7750c/5460 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanonLBP7750C/5460_(85DA
canon lbp7750c/5460 ufr iiCanonLBP7750C/5460_(85DA
canon lbp5970/5975 ufr iiWSDPRINT\CanonLBP5970/5975_(U825F
canon lbp5970/5975 ufr iiCanonLBP5970/5975_(U825F
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