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D-Link DSL-200 USB ADSL WAN Modem Driver for IBM - 265648J working on Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Device Name: D-Link DSL-200 USB ADSL WAN Modem
Hardware ID USB\VID_0915&PID_8102&REV_0100
USB\VID_0915&PID_8102 <---- Device ID matches with our database

Compatible ID:


List of driver files that match with the above device in our database.

You are viewing the drivers of an anonymous computer which may be not the same with your current computer. These driver(s) may not work with your computer. Please click on the link below to download, scan and get the correct drivers.

Why do i see many drivers ?
Below is a list of drivers that may be suitable for your device. With the different devices, they can have the same driver , it's because they all use the same chip manufacturer.

How to select driver?
If you are looking for an update , pickup the latest one. If your driver isn't working, use the driver having the same OEM with the your laptop/desktop brand name.
Watch this video to see how it works - click here
*: 2K=Windows 2000, 2K3= Windows 2003 , XP= Windows XP , VISTA = Windows Vista , WIN7 = Windows 7
Driver name OEM Filename Version Date Size Operating System Download

Your driver is up to date - if you have a problem with your driver, you can try to re-install the old version as below .

Archived (Older) version - select if you already try the file above
DSL Modem Others drv_H9601_ver1.0_Vista64_...1.2008.zip 0 0000-00-00 2.58 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits
H9601 DSL Modem Others drv_H9601_ver1.0_vista32_...3.2007.zip 0 0000-00-00 1.98 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7,WIN8/32bits
NetComm Home USB ADSL modem Others NetComm Home USB ADSL modem.zip 0 0000-00-00 2.44 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits Download
DSL Modem Others DSL-200_b1_RU_20041230.zip 0 0000-00-00 1.45 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits Download
Prolink DSL Modem Others drv_H9200_P_win32_30.12.2006.zip 0 0000-00-00 824.35 KB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7,WIN8/32bits Download
DSL Modem Others driver_tdm-c400_v1(20060809).zip 0 0000-00-00 931.33 KB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7,WIN8/32bits
MT882 Others HuaweiMT882SmartAX.zip 0 0000-00-00 5.63 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits Download
Sitecom ADSL USB Modem DC-205 Others Sitecom ADSL USB Modem DC-205.zip 0 0000-00-00 2.38 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits Download
DSL Modem Others Vista_Driver.exe 0 0000-00-00 5.07 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits
DSL Modem Others drv_H9601_ver1.0_xp64_win...3.2007.zip 0 0000-00-00 1.37 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7,WIN8/32bits
BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router Others windows_driver_for_voyager205.zip 0 0000-00-00 817.47 KB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits Download
D-Link DSL-200 USB ADSL Modem Others DSL-200_x64_driver.rar 0 0000-00-00 2.39 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits
Prolink DSL Modem Others drv_H9200_vista_13.03.2007.zip 0 0000-00-00 1.23 MB 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7,WIN8/32bits